New Features: Email reminders and more


One of the features that you've requested is email reminders for interactions. Starting today, you can choose to get a digest of all the interactions assigned to you delivered either daily or once a week. Also, when assigning an interaction, you can set a date by which it should be completed, and this date will be communicated to the assignee. Interactions that are past due will display with an alert icon next to them.

For your members who have never logged in, but yet still have interactions assigned to them, they will receive the email digest weekly.

Another newly added feature is the ability to export all of your membership, giving, and interactions data. Whether you need the ability to run custom reports in Excel, or maintain a local copy of your data (though we backup for you), you can now.

Additionally, almost all reports are now exportable to Excel.

We have quite a few new features in the works, including: and iPad touch-based attendance taker, secure child checkin/out, and online giving. We very much value your feedback and suggestions; thank you for helping to make SimpleChurchCRM better!