Update: Preferred Names, API Access, Dymo 450 Label Printer Support, and More


You can now set a preferred name for each person. This will be used instead of their given first name, whenever their name is displayed - In SimpleChurch and on reports. The only exception to this is giving reports/letters, which will use the person's given name. You can search for people by their given name and/or their preferred name.

We now have an API!
People functions:

  • Create/edit people
  • Edit people notes
  • Add/remove people to/from groups
  • List people
Group functions:
  • List groups
  • List people in a group
Interactions functions:
  • List outstanding, "my", and completed
  • Assign/log/update interactions
Attendance functions:
  • Add/edit attendance sessions

We've also added Dymo 450 Label Printer Support for the child check-in application. To set this as your label printer, go to Settings > Child Check-in > Mode.


  • Added email address to csv export of membership reports.
  • Added a permission to allow viewing the system log.
  • Added a name search to the session edit page.