Updates: Child Check-in, Search, and Interaction Improvements and More!


Today, we're pleased to say that we pushed out quite a few changes that answer feature requests that churches have sent in.

Child Check-in

  • There is now a checkbox to allow permanently assigning a RFID card to a parent when they check their children in. This will put the RFID tag ID into the RFID Tag field under their profile, which is accessible from the edit page. Then, when the person comes next time, you don't have to search for their name to check their children in; they just wave their card and it loads their children.
  • For RFID mode, there is now a setting to allow printing an additional parent label that contains the unique number that the child's label does. This works well for parent call systems. (See below too).
  • When parent labels are printed, there is now just one label for the entire family containing each child's name and number - not one per child.
  • The Child Check-in app now has a box that display the current RFID tag ID, so you can copy tag IDs and input them into profiles.
  • The Child Check-in app now displays whether it is connected to the RFID reader or not.


Now, you can export to CSV the people that match your search criteria. Expand the "Options" pane to see this option and to see the option to allow adding those people to a group.


You can now filter "My Outstanding" Interactions by date, type, and group.


The total number of people in a group is now displayed at the bottom of a group.