Updates: Easier & Faster Child Check-in and Interaction Logging for Mass Contact


Child Check-in

Many churches have asked about other ways to use Child Check-in, besides using RFID cards. We listened. As of today, you can use labels to keep track of which parent goes with which children - No Cards or other hardware is necessary (besides the label printer).

Here is how it works: When you check in a child, two labels will be printed. One will be for the child, and it will have his/her name, group, notes, and a unique number. The second label is for the parent, and it will have the child's name, group, and the matching number. This number can also be used on broadcast systems while the parent is in the worship service.

Unlike using RFID cards, this mode is less secure, and it does not require the child to be checked-out. A child care worker will have to match up the numbers.

To start using Child Check-in in this mode, go to Settings > Child Check-in > Check-in Mode, and choose the new "Label/Manual" option. You will need a Brother QL-570 Printer too.

Interaction Logging for Mass Contact

You've long been able to send mass email and SMS through SimpleChurch, and now we're making it where you can choose to log these messages as interactions with the people they're sent to. When you're on the Mass Contact page, at the bottom you'll have the option to log the messages as interactions and choose which interaction type is used.

Thank you to the churches that submitted these ideas; You have helped make SimpleChurch better for everyone!

- The SimpleChurch Team -