Updates: Members Can Update Themselves and Interaction Logging for Session Contact Page


Members can Update Their Own Contact Information

As of today, if you allow it, anyone in your SimpleChurch account can login and update their information, and, if he/she is the primary member of their family, they can update their family's information. The permissions page now has a new "Global" section.

The "Allow users to update their own contact information" setting has three possible values.

  • "No" - which is the default
  • "Yes, but only propose changes" - This allows people to login and edit their information, but when they save, the changes aren't applied. They get sent to the "Messages/Requests" page, where someone with the proper permission can approve/deny them.
  • "Yes" - This allows people to login, edit their information, and save changes which are updated immediately.

The "Allow primary family members to update the entire family" setting has two possible values.

  • "No" - Individuals can only update themselves; no one else.
  • "Yes" - This allows the primary member of a family to edit their profile and everyone's profile in their family. This setting obeys the previous setting in that, if you set changes require approval, this will also apply to the primary family member when editing their family.

Individuals can only edit their:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Picture (Only if an individual's changes do not require approval)

Interaction Logging for Session Contact Page

You've been able to contact people based on their attendance for a specific session. Now, you can choose to log this Email/SMS as an interaction. With this addition, anytime you contact someone from SimpleChurch, you can log the contact as an interaction.