Updates: Merging, Grouped Family Giving, Anonymous Online Giving, Giving Reports Improvements, and Much More


Merging People

You can now merge two people, and choose which parts of each you wish to keep. You can choose from all of the available fields, pictures, giving, attendance, interactions, roles, and groups. There is a new permission, "merge members" that allows people to access this feature.

The Merge feature is located under "Utilities".

Grouped Family Giving

A feature many have requested is the ability to say that some/all family members give together and would like one giving statement. Now you can do just that!

Under the "Family" Quick Link of each family member, the entire family is listed. There is now a check box to indicate if someone's giving should be grouped with the primary family member's giving. When you enter giving for anyone with grouped family giving enabled, that giving will be entered onto the primary's giving record. Only one statement will be printed/emailed for all grouped family members, when you create giving statements.

Giving Report Changes

The "By Individual" Giving report has been enhanced. It now has the ability to filter giving based on the size of individual, or total gifts, in addition to being able to filter on category and/or dates. Giving can be displayed grouped by person, or itemized.

After filtering the report, you can choose to print/email giving statements to just the people that you filtered the report to show. Please Note: the links to print/email giving statements have been removed from the giving overview page, and have been added to the "By Individual" page.

Anonymous Online Giving

For those of you using our Online Giving feature, you can now allow donations to be given anonymously. You can enable this under Settings > Giving > Online Giving Settings. When this is enabled, people who go to your online giving page will be given the option to not login in order to give. The giving entered this way still shows up in your reports, but under "Anonymous". Only one time gifts can be given anonymously.

Additional Improvements

  • The total number of people stored in SimpleChurch is now visible for admins on the "Individuals" page.
  • Envelope Number can now be imported when importing from a CSV file.
  • There is now a logout link on the online giving page. You can now easily use this in a giving kiosk at your church!