Updates: Mobile Web Improvements, Print Labels for Giving Statements, and More


We've just added some new features to help make everyday tasks with SimpleChurch be even more efficient.

Log interactions from a person's profile on Mobile Web: Now, when you have to look up a person to contact them, you don't have to go anywhere else to log that interaction - you can do it right from that person's profile.

Print labels with giving statements: You've been able to print labels and giving statements since the beginning. But now, you can print only the labels you need to go with giving statements. No more printing too many labels, or trying to match up names.

Here are some smaller changes and bug fixes:

  • Added totals to Individual Giving Report.
  • Added "Gender" to the configurable-display columns on the group table.
  • Removed the annoying behavior of the confirm dialog on the Giving Entry Screen.