Updates: Organize and Filter Groups with Properties


SimpleChurch's groups are very flexible and, because of that, many churches end up of with a lot of them - some have over 400! However, this presents a challenge when you need to locate a specific group, or groups of a certain type. You can search groups, but this presupposes that you know the exact name of the group for which you're looking.

Now, you can categorize groups using categories and properties!

We've included some default categories and properties, but you can edit them and add your own on the Settings > Groups page.

You have two options for applying properties to your groups.

  • On the Groups page, check all of the groups you wish to apply the same properties to. Then, expand the options pane above the table, and choose "Apply Properties". Check the properties you wish to apply, and click, "Go".
  • On the Edit page for a group, click "[Edit]" under "Properties". Check the boxes for the properties you wish to apply.

Now, when you're on the groups page, you will see a "Filter" box on the top right, in the sidebar. You can click a property name to only show groups with that property. Click multiple properties to show groups that have any of the selected properties.

Thank you for your continuous feedback and suggestions, like group properties, that drive SimpleChurch to progressively become better!