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Mobile Church Management

At SimpleChurch CRM, we have a mobile solution for you across all devices. Our church management solutions offer full functionality for managing people, interactions, attendance, and mass contacts.

Church management software for your phone!

Our CRM has always worked with the iPhone and it is now also available on the Android platform. The look and feel of our app will make you think you are working in a native application. Through this web app, you’ll be able to access membership information, interactions, attendance, and more from anywhere!


  • People
    • View lists of all members.
    • Use as a church directory.
    • View all information for a person. Including personal, contact, dates, custom fields, and family.
    • Add/remove people from groups.
    • Add/Edit notes.
    • Add a person to your Contacts.
  • Interactions:
    • View lists of interactions.
    • Edit Interactions.
  • Attendance
    • Add/edit attendance for a group.
    • Add/edit visitors to your church.
    • Swipe left to see more options.
  • Mass Contact
    • Mass Email a group.
    • Mass SMS and Voice message

The people speak!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing! Great idea and execution and your customer support is stellar. – Brian W.
SimpleChurchCRM has made it much easier for me to do the work in my ministry area. The program is very user friendly. The Kid-Friendly check-in using the RFID cards make attendance fast, fun & accurate. – Sue Gee
Jesus is all about people. We are able to keep up with and minister to people very effectively through SimpleChurchCRM. – Dr. Rich Kinci

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Simple management software for your church and congregation


It’s never been so easy to integrate management software into your day-to-day church routine. You’ll wonder how you got by without it!

SimpleChurch CRM has powerful insights


All the insights and information you need to help your church or ministry reach its full potential, right at your fingertips.

Use our church management software on your phone


Our software is ready to use on any device, from desktop computer to smartphone. Manage everything on the go with our mobile apps.

All the features you need in church management software


If you need a feature, we have it – SimpleChurchCRM software was designed to help you engage your church and members on every level.