Learn More About SimpleChurch CRM's Robust Features

Track attendance at your church with SimpleChurch CRM's church management software


  • Take individual or total attendance.
  • With individual attendance you setup meetings which are made of groups and mark individuals as: present, excused, or unexcused.
  • Add your own excused options. Default include: out of town, sick, work, school.
  • Many ways to collect attendance:
    • Print paper rolls.
    • iPad attendance taker.
    • Enter from iPhone app or Mobile web
    • Small and inexpensive RFID cards to collect attendance. Members simply wave the card over the RFID reader (purchased separately) and their presence is instantly recorded on the SimpleChurchCRM server.
  • See reports for each meeting, for trends over time, by grouping multiple meetings together.
  • See people who haven't come a certain number of times in a given date range.

Child Check-in

  • Securely manage the checking in and out of children.
  • Run multiple check-in/out stations.
  • SMS Parents from SimpleChurch, if they need to be contacted.
  • Check-in information is simply shown as an overlay on top of SimpleChurch's attendance collection.
  • Uses low cost RFID cards or matching label for child and parent.
  • Attach notes to children.
  • Print Labels to affix to children with their name and notes.
  • Uses Brother QL-500, QL-700, or Dymo 450 printers.


  • Mass contact members by group and/or by absences. You can choose to email, voice message, or Text Message (SMS) one or many groups at a time with a personalized message.

Video Demos

  • Set up mass communications with members using text, email, or voice

  • Learn how to use the RFID-based child check-in feature

  • Learn how to use the label-based child check-in feature

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